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Đã mua tại   Manticano.com
All is working well so far! the detachable bowls are very handy, they are plastic so it's also easy to clean them. The mat is handy too since my cat loves to make a big mess and pull his food out of the bowl sometimes so it does minimise how much mess gets onto the actual floor. The cleaning routine for it take's about 15 mins every few days so it's easy to keep on top of. The water bottle is also a really nice touch because now I don't have to worry about him using up his water bowl and having
Đánh giá vào 14:11 05/10/2021
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Rúben Alves
Đã mua tại   Manticano.com
Excellent product.
My poor cat had such a problem with throwing up every time he ate. This bowl has made a substantial difference. I never would have thought a slight rise with a slight tilt in the bowl would have made such a big difference. Not a complete cure. But definitely an improvement. Great product. Highly recommend.
Đánh giá vào 14:16 04/10/2021
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Kim Adams
Đã mua tại   Manticano.com
I bought 2 of these, and although I have only had them a day and I know that is not enough time to be fully acquainted with all of the potential pros and cons, I have to say that my initial reaction is to be very pleased. They are made of a lightweight plastic, which understandably some people would find "cheap," but it works really well for my purposes. They are very light bowls to handle, they are easy to clean (even dishwasher safe, I believe), and they are durable and functional without bein
Đánh giá vào 14:56 02/10/2021
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Lisa H
Đã mua tại   Manticano.com
Adorable for a kitten
This is the perfect cat bowl for a kitten or a smaller cat. It’s absolutely adorable and works well. It’s a little difficult to clean around the bottle anchor, so you’ll need a bottle brush To get in the grooves. Other than that, I’m very happy with the product. The clear food bowl attaches well too. It doesn’t come off easily which I was concerned about. Overall good Product
Đánh giá vào 14:29 02/10/2021
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Đã mua tại   Manticano.com
Love it
My cats love them and so do I! Easy to clean and the cats have no issues eating out of them. They use to eat the middle of the bowl and meow for more or we’d have to shake the bowl with these raised bowls we don’t have that issue! They didn’t have 2 together with a water bowl so I just bought the separate one and it works just fine. The water doesn’t last more than a day or 2 with 2 cats but at least they can have fresh water.
Đánh giá vào 14:28 01/10/2021
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Cat Bowl

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